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Looking for information about the treasure hunt in Aarhus?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

See   The treasure hunt Aarhus With a Quest

With a Quest designs experiences that are activating

– experiences that are thrilling because the outcome totally depends on the co-creation of you!

Who are you? What are you capable of? Can you forget yourself and have fun?

Hopefully With a Quest can offer you an experience of this – that is what quests are great for!

We are looking forward to try!

With a Quest is available for consultancy and design of individual and specialized experiences

Do you wish to offer your customers, employees, colleagues, friends or family members a memorable day or experience? 

But not only that:  an experience that calls for their co-production, collaboration and presence – and, not least, humor?

Then we would like to help with ideas and specific design if required.

Contact us and let’s hear!

With a Quest – who are we?

I am Lotte Hvidkjær Andersen. Based on studies on experience economy and tourism With a Quest is inspired by the idea of more rewarding experiences, not least for families.

Time is spent queuing at rides and food stalls instead of doing fun and exciting activities where everyone can contribute in their own way.

Aren’t the funniest memories of our holidays and trips those where things were a little out of control? And we saw brand new sides of ourselves and each other, maybe even abilities…?

New activities will be available to the public – as the treasure hunt Aarhus With a Quest  – in the near future.


Have fun so long!